Clare Wyndham-Wantanabe

Intelligent, compassionate, bad ass katana-weilding M.D.


Born to a wealthy entrepreneur and his Japanese wife, Clare was raised in a life of relative comfort and ease in the countryside just outside of San Francisco. Fencing training, scuba diving, and violin lessons were all provided along with a world-class education.

She completed her medical degree at Stanford and did part of her residency in Tokyo. Clare had just accepted a position at a prestigious teaching hospital in Los Angeles when the untimely passing of her mother and disappearance of her younger brother set her on a two year break from her practice in order to grieve and take care of her father.

Having burned her bridge to the elite medical ranks, she applied for the position at Scripps in the hope of finally being able to help people who need it.

Clare Wyndham-Wantanabe

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