On Wings of Chrome 2.0

Episode 3

In the deciding moment...

Following the shoot-out at the conclusion of Episode 2, the group (aside from Claire, who is currently at the hospital) finds themselves retreating to the hospital to tend to Carter’s wounded arm.

Upon Hawk’s return from the desert, a discussion about Gordon Lewis’s data drives and the apparent danger that they put the group into threatens to polarize the group. On the one hand, Cleaver, Hawk, and Carter wish to get rid of the drives either to throw the scent off the trail or give them back to who was searching for them in the first place. Claire and Blitzen, however, are curious about the information on the drives.

Unknown to Cleaver, Hawk, and Carter, Claire switches the information-containing drives out for empty drives. Cleaver crushes the empty drives, thinking that he has destroyed the things bringing the group under fire. Claire and Blitzen conspire to have the real drives decrypted.

Before the group rests for the evening, Blitzen utilizes her hospital resources to obtain better armor for the group. She is successful in this endeavor through explaining that the group has come under particularly heavy fire recently.

The next day, the group is confounded by attempting to research an apparent player in the Gordon Lewis sting: Henry Zahn. Zahn was said to have been working for MacGruber and Phillips, but upon researching online Zahn has no obvious connection with MacGruber and Phillips.

Hawk contacts a Zapata’s Guns member to try to discern the Zapata’s Guns involvement in the Lewis sting. According to the Zapata’s Guns contact, Zahn is not related to Zapata’s Guns in any way and furthermore, according to the business dealings of the Zapata’s Guns, the Gordon Lewis sting was not ordered by the higher-ups in Zapata’s Guns. It is possible that the sting was a rogue Zapata’s Guns operation or performed by copycats of some sort.

Hawk and Blitzen return to the scene of the sting in order to gather blood and DNA evidence to try to link the Lewis sting to ANYTHING hard. However, the DNA is not a match to anyone in the hospital records.

In the meantime, Carter contacts Merrill, Asukaya, and Finch extraction specialist Bruce “Bonesaw” McLaughlin to try to gather more information about Gordon Lewis and Henry Zahn. The phone conversation ends in a curious way, as upon the mention of Gordon Lewis McLaughlin turns off, treating Carter as a childish and advising him to forget about the whole thing.

Thinking that there is a lead somewhere in there, Blitzen, Cleaver, and Hawk head to Los Angeles by Blitzen-ordered helicopter to have an in-person chat with Bonesaw. Carter attempts to call Bruce again to inform him of a woman who might like to speak with him (Blitzen). The call doesn’t go tremendously well, and rather than facilitating a warm reception , Carter seems to have tipped Bruce off.

Upon meeting with Bruce, Blitzen is offered a job at the firm. Bruce is incredibly aware of all of Blitzen’s talents and dealings. In order to maintain a close relationship to gather information, Blitzen accepts the position. She is shocked to find that the next day, when she shows up for work, all of her belongings from San Diego have moved into the Los Angeles office.

Blitzen tries to arrange a lunch date in order to “thank” Bruce (and set-up a kidnapping by Cleaver and Hawk), but rather than a one-on-one encounter Bruce invites four other work colleagues. To try to get him alone, Blitzen invites him outside to smoke. At this point, Blitzen utters the safe word “bananas” and Hawk and Cleaver pull up to the outside of in a rented van completely stocked with kidnapping and torture supplies: drills, rope, ammonia, pliers, and wire.

Following a brief physical struggle with Blitzen, Bruce is pinned to the ground with a gun to his head. As the group tries to escape with Bruce, though, Bruce’s colleagues from the restaurant rush out and open fire on the group. The group takes substantial injuries, but does manage to escape with Bruce.

The group tortures Bruce harshly in order to get him to release information. The most important bit of information, right before Hawk slit his throat and the group buried him in the desert, was the utterance of a curious name with apparent involvement in the Lewis sting: Sun Tsu.



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